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09/30/2023 - 12/30/2023


The Bascom

323 Franklin Road Highlands, NC 28741
Gallery hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 5pm

Curated by ceramic artist, Kirsten Stingle, In.Visible explores reimagining myths and tales to better address the climate crisis as well as the social, economic, and political upheaval of modernity. David Abram says, “Before you can restore the land, you must re-story the land.”

Curator’s Statement
Stories are one of the most powerful ways humans teach, explain, organize, and motivate. Throughout history, societal structures and beliefs can all be distilled into stories. Their power does not lie in their veracity necessarily, but in the relevancy in meeting dominant communal needs. From this point of view, it is revealed how tightly narratives are woven into who we are and what we do. Like the air we breathe, they intrinsically surround us. They are In.Visible.

Thus, stories may be the exact tool needed to address the current issues we face on a global, societal and individual level. What if all narratives, archetypes, and themes could be re-invisioned into stories that might guide Modernity’s next steps? “In.Visible” is a raucous chorus of 22 artists’ voices speaking for a world where we are connected to each other and to the ecosystem of which we are a part.

A free public reception will be held Thursday, October 5 at 5pm at The Bascom to celebrate our fall exhibitions.

GALLERY: Thompson Gallery
ARTIST(S): Carrie Anne Bade, Donna Bates, Andrea K Connell, Ilona Cutts, Natasha Dikareva, TJ Erdahl, Deborah Grayson, Amy Gross, Richard W. James, Christine Kosiba, Michelle Laxalt, Asia Mathis, Mac Star McCusker, Shannon Moore, Crystal Morey, Kyungmin Park, Hannah Pierce, Beau Raymond, David Robinson, Kirsten Stingle, Roxanne Swentzell In.Visible